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2021 Economic Outlook for Oil & Gas Price : $0

2021 Economic Outlook for Oil & Gas

Jesse B. Thompson, III, Senior Business Economist

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

2020 Virtual Educational Symposium Price : $150

2020 Virtual Educational Symposium

2020 Virtual Spring Technical Meeting Price : $0

2020 Virtual Spring Technical Meeting

Economic Outlook for Oil & Gas
Jesse B. Thompson, III, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Multistage Completions for Hydraulic Fracturing
Aaron Burton, Unconventional Oil and Gas Training

Thermoplastic Composites – A Revised Perspective to Optimize Materials Selection
Mike Favaloro, Compositechs

2020 Winter Technical Meeting Price : $75

2020 Winter Technical Meeting

Chemlok Film: Creating Self-Bonding Polymers for the Elimination of Adhesive Application & VOC in Rubber-Lining
Ross Zambanini, Parker Hannifin/LORD/EPM
Making Brushy Surfaces with Bottlebrush Polymers
Rafael Verduzco, Rice University

IoT Data for Safety and Downtime Improvements
Domenico Tucci, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

Coordinating Design, Avoiding Failures and Achieving Performance
Kurt Hayden, Ph.D., CDI Energy Products, LLC

Conveyance of Carbon to Enhance Mixing
Bob McNabb, Zeppelin Systems USA, Inc.

KetaSpire® PEEK XT: New High Temperature PEEK
Jason Rich, Ph.D., Solvay Specialty Polymers

Reliability of DH Equipment
Doug Lehr, P.E., Baker Hughes

Don't Let H2S Testing Leave You With a Sour Taste!
Buc Slay, Alpine PolyTech

2019 Fall Technical Meeting Price : $75

2019 Fall Technical Meeting

Alicia Rul, Nanocyl

Rubber To Substrate Bonding
Justin Pflug, HM Royal

Mechanochemistry & Additive Chemistry
AJ Boydston, University of Wisconsin

Karen Hopperstad, 3M

Evolmer® a New Oil Resistance Polymer
Mousumi De Sarkar, Ph.D., Denka Corp

2019 Educational Symposium Price : $150

2019 Educational Symposium

New Developments in THERBAN HNBR Elastomers  
Dr. Victor Nasreddine, Arlanxeo

With Tribology, It’s Not One-Size-Fits-All
Ted Sidoriak, Lehvoss

Thin, Flexible Polymer Aerogel - A Tool for Improved Thermal Management
Monica Brinkman, Southwest Research Institute

The Importance of Polymer Selection in Dynamic Applications
Galen Brooks, Zeon

Hydrolytically Degradable Elastomers for Time and Cost Sensitive Downhole Applications 
Dr. Bruce Fu, CDI Energy Products

Development of PAEK Polymers for Static and Dynamic Seals in Liquid Natural Gas Applications 
Andy Chang, Victrex

Diofan PVDC for Gel Breaker Encapsulation
Lindsay Heston, Solvay

Fundamentals of Polymers for Friction and Wear Applications
Burak Bekisli, PhD, Dover Precision

CAE (FEA and CFD) for Seals’ Development
Dr. Ben Chouchaoui, Windsor Industrial Development Laboratory 

Practical Design for Reliability 
Dr. Tony Veneruso, Veneruso Technical Consultants  

High Temperature and Chemically Resistant Thermoplastic Metal Substitutes 
Larry DiSano, Ensinger

Polymeric Materials Used in Oil & Gas Industry for Unconventional Downhole Applications
Betty Huang, Baker Hughes, a GE Company

2019 Asia Pacific Meeting Price : $75

2019 Asia Pacific Meeting

Designing with Engineering Plastics
Kieran Yates, James Walker Asia Pacific

Market Outlook for 2019 and Beyond
Neil Mendes, Alpine Polytech

Understanding Limitations and Practical Applications for ISO 23936 and API 6A
Amanda Remlinger and Ed Landry, Utex Industries

Problem Solving For Oilfield Elastomers in Downhole Applications
Sean Djuricic and Bonnie Stuck, Akron Rubber Development Laboratory

Failure Investigation of Elastomers
Sandeep Thatathil, Halliburton

Therban® HNBR and Extrusion Resistance in Packer Applications
Dr. Victor Nasreddine, ARLANXEO Performance Elastomers

2019 Spring Technical Meeting Price : $75

2019 Spring Technical Meeting

Nanoindentation of Polymers: New Techniques and Applications
Yujie Meng, Nano Instruments Group

Plug and Perf
Aaron Burton, Unconventional Oil & Gas Training

Predicting is Difficult, Especially for the Future
Wayne Furlan, Baker Hughes

Global Economic Outlook
Mark Wynne, Dallas Federal Reserve Board

Modified PEEK
David Lavanga, AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc.

Changes in ISO 23936 & API 6A
Buc Slay, Alpine Polytech

2019 Winter Technical Meeting Price : $75

2019 Winter Technical Meeting

Specific Issues in Evaluation of Wear Performance in High Temperature Environments
Dr. Tim Bremner, Hoerbiger Corporation of America

Failure Predictions of Polymers Using Numerical Methods
Ali Al-Quraishi, Ph.D., National Oilwell Varco

Review of Polymers in the Oil Industry
Bonnie Stuck, Akron Rubber Development Laboratory, Inc.

Advances in Wear and Friction Solutions in Thermoplastics
Ed Williams, SABIC LNP 

Introduction to Atomic Force Microscopy and Its Application in Polymer Research
Song Xu, Ph.D., Park Systems

Gas, A Little Leak Can Give You a Big Headache
Eric Crawford, PPE/IDEX Sealing Solutions

Influence of Coagents on Aging Properties of Elastomers
Joe Lally, Evonik Corporation

2018 Fall Technical Meeting Price : $75

2018 Fall Technical Meeting

Trucks, Beer and Wellhead seals… Integrating Automotive, Food & Beverage and Legacy Oil & Gas Quality Systems
Greg Pfister, ERIKS Seals and Plastics

Adhesion of Thermoset Norbornene Polymers (TNP) to Thermoplastic Substrates
Christopher R. Djunaedi, Materia, Inc.

PEEK Compounds for High Performance Components Manufactured by 3D Printing
Thiago Medeiros Araujo, 3D Printing for LEHVOSS Group

In-Situ Cure Monitoring and Modeling of Cure Kinetics
John Erne, NETZSCH Instruments

Relax, Don’t Stress Out…It’s Only CSR and O-Rings
Buc Slay, Alpine PolyTech

API Supply Chain Document (SC20L) on Polymers
Neal Ferguson, Element Materials Technology

NDM Test – Value for the Rubber Industry
Stephen Mueller, Orion Engineered Carbons

2018 Educational Symposium Price : $150

2018 Educational Symposium

Measurement, Control, and Avoidance of Residual Stress in Melt Molded Parts
Dr. Tim Bremner, HOERBIGER Corporation of America, Inc.

ISO 14310:2001(E) & API Specification 11D1
Jim Goodson, J Goodson Polymer Consulting

Compression Stress Relaxation (CSR): Material Characterization,Configuration Effects and Performance in Applications
Paul Tuckner, Grace Technology and Development

DMA, TGA and DSC From a Polymer Compound and R&D Perspective
Alina Latshaw, TA Instruments

Selection of Carbon Black for Industrial Rubber Technology
Irene Yurovska, YI Global-Business Consultant

The Effects of Thermoplastic Processing on Mechanical Properties
James Hebel, Quadrant EPP

Fluoroelastomer Selection, Compounding and Processing
Stephen Mariconti, Daikin America

Rubber Molding
Andy Anderson, Polymerics

Big Data to Enhance Downhole Polymer Seal Development
Betty Huang, Baker Hughes

Practical RPA Tests for Production Quality Control and Compound Development
Derek Ellis, MonTech

Do I Really Need a Quality System?
Amy Psaris, Schlumberger

Quality Control of An Elastomer Mixing and Molding Operation
Doug Foster, ACE Products & Consulting Inc.

2018 Asia Pacific Meeting Price : $75

2018 Asia Pacific Meeting

Overview O&G Industry and API Committee Update
Neil Mendes, Alpine Polytech

A Pragmatic Approach to Requirements
Charles Edwards, CNE Polymer Consulting, Inc.

A REALITY CHECK: Can we Apply New Testing Methods in Long Term Applications
Wayne Furlan, BHGE

Beyond the Resin
Hashimoto Masahiko, SABIC

Oil Filed Elastomers: Selection, Performance, Design and Failure Analysis
Debbie Banta, Weatherford

Failure Analysis
Debbie Banta, Weatherford and Wayne Furlan, BHGE

2018 Spring Technical Meeting Price : $75

2018 Spring Technical Meeting

Proposed Mechanism for a Novelty Interpenetrating Polymer Network
Gina Butuc, AkzoNobel

Damage of Elastomeric Seals in Oilfield Applications
Yucun Lou, Veryst Engineering

Low Temperature Sealing – A Practical Guide to Measurement
Matthew Mitchell, Precision Polymer Engineering

Oil & Gas Market Outlook for Polymers in 2018 & Beyond
Neil Mendes, Alpine PolyTech

Nehemia – The First Project Manager?
Wayne Furlan, Baker Hughes

Effect of Carbon Black Surface Area on High Pressure Extrusion Resistance
Charles Smith. Halliburton Energy Services

Testing of Continuous Carbon Fiber Composite Wear Components for Rotating Equipment
Gary Gibson, P.E., EGC Critical Components

2018 Winter Technical Meeting Price : $75

2018 Winter Technical Meeting

Simulation of Transient Temperature and Stress Field in the Polymer Extrusion Additive Manufacturing Process
Arindam Chakraborty, PhD, PE, Vias

Proxima Polymer Technology
Daryl Allen, PhD, Materia

Downhole Rubber Simulation Using Time-Entropy Superposition
Alex Arzoumanidis, Pyslotech

Rubber to Metal Bonding – Failure Analysis
Justin Pflug, HM Royal

The Bleeding Edge of RGD
Buc Slay, CTO, Alpine PolyTech

Fatigue Damage Tracking and Remaining Life Simulation for Digital Twin Elastomers
William Mars, PhD, PE, Endurica

Superhydrophobic Polymer Coatings and Oil and Water Separators
Rigoberto Advincula, Case Western University

2017 Fall Technical Meeting Price : $75

2017 Fall Technical Meeting

Engineered Surfaces for Plastic and Elastomers for the Oil and Gas Industry Using Surface Treatments
Prakash Iyer, INHANCE

Use of Polymers in Upstream, Challenges and Opportunities
Greg Ruschau, ExxonMobil

Unique Cup Seal Design for Open Hole Isolation
John Sladic, Weatherford

Driving Energy Dominance: Oil, Gas, Polymers and Plasticity
Dr. Rob Ivester, Deputy Director, Advanced Manufacturing Office, U.S. Department of Energy
Email:  Phone: 202 586 9488

Design for Reliability
Wayne Furlan and Doug Lehr, BHGE

Product Cost and Reliability, How Compressive Stress Relaxation Can Help Predict Elastomer Life In H2S Environments, Anil Pitta, BHGE

Rotor Designs: Pleasant Surprises
Richard Jorkasky, KBSI

2017 Educational Symposium Price : $150

2017 Educational Symposium

Compounding Solutions Beyond the Resin
Aliene Elkins and Walt Thompson, Sabic Innovative Plastics

Forays in Fluoroelastomer Formulation
Gary D’Abate, Pinnacle Elastomer Technology

Fluoroelastomer Characterization
Dan Hertz III, Seals Eastern

Elastomer Applications for Wire and Cable 
Victor Nasreddine, Arlanxeo Lanxess

A Review of Swellable Packers
Jim Korte, Weatherford

Mud Motor Elastomers, Requirements and Functions
Anton Kolyshkin, Schlumberger 
Lillian Guo, Schlumberger (co-author)

Polyurethane, Opportunities Within Engineered Solutions in the Oilfield
Dave Lindinger and Jeffery Ong, UTEX

ASTM Tear Test Sample
Jeff Bahr, PhD, Argen Polymer; Ryan Settergren, CDI Energy Products; Joseph Invaco, PhD, Argen Polymer; David Gerrard (co-author)

Advanced Rheology for Troubleshooting & R&D In Polymers
Ryan Gruell, Parker Hannifin , O-Ring & Engineered Seals Div.

From DSC to RPA: A Comprehensive Suite of Analytical Instrumentation for Complete Rubber Characterization and Processing Solutions
Alina Latshaw, TA Instruments, Waters LLC

Some System Variables that Influence Friction
Tim McCulfor, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Americas

The Usage of Data to Relate MDR Results to ODR Results
Eric Crawford, Precision Polymer Engineering

2017 Spring Technical Meeting Price : $75

2017 Spring Technical Meeting

Compound Development and Problem Solving in the Rubber Industry
Bonnie Stuck, Kylie Knipp and Ted Nelson, Akron Rubber Development Laboratory, Inc.

The Millroom as an Engineered System
Bob McNabb, HF Mixing Group

Seal Design and Material Selection
Michael Nelson, IDEX Sealing Solutions

Modern Solutions for Characterization and Analysis of Elastomer Durability
Mark Bauman, A Chakraborty, L. Garzon, W.V. Mars and B. Ozturk, Endurica LLC

High Temperature Steam Resistance of PAEK Blends & Alloys for Enhanced Oil Recovery
Dustin Veazey, Polymics Ltd.

Can North America Remain Competitive in the O&G Market?
Neil Mendes, Alpine Polytech

2017 Winter Technical Meeting Price : $75

2017 Winter Technical Meeting

DfR Applied to the Development of Downhole Tools
Doug Lehr, Baker Hughes

Energy Polymer Tribology: Old Challenges and New Opportunities
David Gerrard, PhD, CDI Energy Products 
- Professor Su Su Wang, University of Houston 
- Kevin Durham, Tribo Composites

Ryton PPS Compounds and PPS Alloy Compounds
Bill Sattich, PhD, Solvay Specialty Polymers

The Application of Phenolic Resins in Rubber Compounds
Scott Howard, SI Group

On the Modeling of Chemical Stress Relaxation of Elastomers 
Goang-Ding Shyu, Baker Hughes 

Degradable Polymer and Elastomer for Oil & Gas 2016 Round Up 
Andy Rosenholm, Bubbletight LLC 

Realities of Wear Testing and Translation to Field Conditions 
Dr. Tim Bremner, Hoerbiger Corporation of America

Fluoroelastomers for Harsh Environments
Steve Mariconti, Daikin America

2016 Fall Technical Meeting Price : $75

2016 Fall Technical Meeting

How to Use a DOE for Designing a Compound
Dana Stripe, Zeon Chemicals

State of the Art Static and Dynamic Testing Solutions for Raw Material, Mixing, Processability as well as Product Performance Characterization
Ralf Baeuerlein, MonTech

New LUVOCOM Grades of PAEK – Performance Tested Compounds for the Energy, Oil, and Gas Industry
Ted Sidoriak, LEHVOSS North America

Tire Technologies With an Eye Towards Oil & Gas Innovations
Joseph Incavo,Ph.D, Argen Polymer

SWRI Energy and Polymer-Related Research: Surface Modification and Materials Characterization
Carol Ellis, Southwest Research Institute

A New Series of HNBR Elastomers Offer Flexibility in Compound Design
Vince Cremona, Lianda Corp.

Fluoroelastomer Choices for Harsh Environments
Mike DiPino, R.D. Abbott

2016 Educational Symposium Price : $150

2016 Educational Symposium

Low Temperature FFKM
Philip Schild, Solvay

AFLAS: FEPM and FFKM Fluoroelastomers
David Lavanga, AGC Chemicals Americas

Arlon 3000XT
Joseph Shih, Greene Tweed

High Temperature and Steam Resistant Elastomers
John Chase, Greene Tweed

Failure Analysis
Barry Thomson, Element

A New Fluoroplastic: ECCtreme™ — ECA
Robert Smith, Fluorogistx

Effect of Molecular Weight on PEEK Performance
Nishant Negandhi, Evonik

Crack Resistance and Sealing Performance of Elastomers for High Pressure Low Temperature (HPLT) Applications
Xuming Chen, Schlumberger

Advanced Test Methods And Quality Requirements in Rubber Testing For Polymers and Rubber Used In Extreme Conditions
Ralf Baeuerlein, MonTech Rubber Testing Solutions GmbH

Advances in Control Line Fluids and How They Impact Seal Selection
Eric Handley, MacDermid

Impact of ISO/API/NORSOK External Standards
Buc Slay, Alpine Polytech

2016 Spring Technical Meeting Price : $75

2016 Spring Technical Meeting

Carbon Nanotubes: Ready for Rubber?
Steve Hoenig, Molecular Rebar Design

Impact of Carbon Nanotubes on Specialty Rubbers - HSE Aspect of Use of NC7000 and Formulated Products
Dr. Alicia Rul, Nanocyl SA

Compounding Amyloid Reinforcement Into Rubber
Justin Barone, Virginia Tech

Where is the Oil & Gas Market Headed, and How It Will Affect the Energy Polymer Industry
Neil Mendes, Alpine Polytech

Levels of Leadership and Life Learnings
Randy Simpson, Hexpol Compounding

Thermoplastic Compounding and Material Selection
Jason Becker, RTP Company

How a Good Material Database Impacts Your Business
Fred Harvey, , MSC Software
Co-Authors: Wayne Furlan & Betty Huang, Baker Hughes

2016 Winter Technical Meeting Price : $75

2016 Winter Technical Meeting

Pressurized In-Situ Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis Method for Oilfield Polymers and Composites
Yusheng Yuan and Daniel Sequera, Baker Hughes

Dynamic Viscoelastic Properties of Oilfield Elastomers: Effect of Compound Ingredients
Bonnie Stuck, Akron Rubber Development Laboratory

Compound Development: Science, Magic or Just Good Luck? 
Mark Jones, Zeon Chemicals LP

Compressive Stress Relaxation (CSR) as a Method to Evaluate High Temperature Sealing Performance
Betty Huang, Baker Hughes / Center for Technology Innovation

Measuring the Effects of Filler Variations on Compound Viscoelastic Properties as Measured by the Capillary Rheometer and the RPA
John S. Dick, Alpha Technologies

3D Printing of High Performance Polymers for Oil and Gas
Rigoberto C. Advincula, Ph.D., Professor, Case Western Reserve University 

2015 Fall Technical Meeting Price : $75

2015 Fall Technical Meeting

Solving Life Predictive O-ring Sealing Issues in Drilling Applications with the Use of Compressive Stress Relaxation and Accelerated Aging Techniques
Wayne Furlan, Baker Hughes

Understanding Thermoplastic Processing Differences, Including the “Shape Data Approach”
and Proper Material Specification Writing
James Hebel, Quadrant EPP USA

The Effect of Binder Systems on Dispersion and Mixing Performance
Nicki Hershberger, Polymerics, Inc.

Navigating 3rd Party Testing per ISO 23936 and NORSOK M710 Requirementsfor Non-Metallic Materials
John Meser and David Nuss, Akron Rubber Development Laboratory, Inc. (ARDL)

Quantifying Stress Distributions in Molded Shapes – Quality Assessment and Processing Influences
Tim Bremner, Hoerbiger Corporation of America

Advances in Rubber Mixes Using High Performance Fillers
Anthony Mariniello, ChemSpec Polymer Additives

2015 Educational Symposium Price : $150

2015 Educational Symposium

Rubber Mixing and Calendering Technology
James Jacks, Airboss Rubber Compounding

Bonding Process Best Practices
Jeff Means, LORD Corporation

Mandrel Wrapping
Andy Anderson, Eutsler Technical Products

Ed Landry, Utex Industries

Urethane Manufacturing
Shaun Gosselin, Gallagher Corporation

Material, Process & Part Design for Moldable Thermoset Composites
Lee Wells and Kevin Emmett, Sumitomo Bakelite N.A.

Thermoplastic Molding
Ernest Caldwell and Aliene Elkins, Sabic Innovative Plastics

Composites/Filament Winding
Yusheng Yuan, Baker Hughes

Lessons Learned from Failures
Edmee Files, Oilfield Consultant

Understanding Plastic Failure
Jeff Jansen, The Madison Group

2015 Asia Pacific Technical Meeting Price : $75

2015 Asia Pacific Technical Meeting

Cure Measurement as a Quality Control
Darren Koh and Wong Pui San, PolyStar

Creating a Bond
Caroline Tang, Lord Corporation

Seals and Sealing Technology
Thomas Ray, Independent Consultant

Oil and Gas Industry in Singapore
Melissa Luki, Economic Development Board

Nonlinear FEA
Anand Mantrala, Utex Industries

Flange Joint Integrity Considerations
Paul Welsford, Flexitallic

Introduction to FKM: Production, Application and Function
Jack Shih, Justin Shih, Manny Kuo, Chang Horing Rubber

2015 Spring Technical Meeting Price : $75

2015 Spring Technical Meeting

Investigating the Explosive Decompression Resistance of a Low Temperature Perfluoroelastomer: Effect of Temperature, CO2 Content and Design
Matthew Mitchell, Precision Polymer Engineering, Ltd.

Reduce Design Risk with Material Simulation – Accurate Analysis of Reinforced Materials Reduces Testing and Enables Adoption
Fred Harvey, MSC Software

Cryogenic Application Products and Associated Testing 
Daniel Cortarelli, Hutchinson, Precision Sealing Division

New HNBR Developments for an Improved Balance of Low-Temperature and Dynamic Performance 
Mark Jones, Zeon Chemicals 

Common Plastic Properties and What the Data Sheet Means
Tyne Dutzer, Solvay Specialty Polymers

3D Rapid Topography for the Inspection of Dispersion and More
Julie Orlando, Nanotronics Imaging, Inc.

High Performance Engineered Biopolymers Via Compounding
Jason Becker, RTP Company

2015 Winter Technical Meeting Price : $75

2015 Winter Technical Meeting

Elastomer Material Platform Development Processes to Meet Demanding Oil & Gas Industry Standards
Rick Thoman and Ron Campbell, Greene, Tweed & Co.

Materials and Designs for Sealing Difficult Flange Connections 
Steve Bond, The Flexitallic Group

New Degradable Polymers for 2015
C. Andrew Rosenholm, Rockwell Oil and Gas Sales

Integrated Systems in the Mixing Room
Bob McNabb, HF Mixing Group

Using Short Fiber Reinforcement as a Cost-Effective Enhancement of Performance in a Variety of Downhole Applications 
Steven Monthey, Rhein Chemie Corp.

A Comparative Analysis of Ground Coal Fillers in Fluroelastomers 
Jeff Ziolkowski, Hiller Carbon

PEEK and PEK Compounds for Demanding Designs and Applications 
Cliff Watkins, Techmer Engineered Solutions

2014 Fall Technical Meeting Price : $75

2014 Fall Technical Meeting

HPHT Product Development – An Evolving Landscape
Doug Lehr, Baker Hughes

Sealing in High Temperature Water and Steam
Steve Jagels, Precision Polymer Engineering

Effect of High-Temperature Steam on the Mechanical Properties of PAEK Polymers & Alloy
Dr. Tim Hsu, Polymics Ltd.

Protect Your Assets: Reliable Polymers for Harsh Environments
Patrick Clemensen, Victrex

Controlled Geometry Pellet Technology, the Economic and Performance Benefits
Matt Torosian, RTP Company

MSC Material Center Database
Fred Harvey, MSC Software

ISO-23936-3 Committee Review
Buc Slay, Weatherford and Wayne Furlan, Baker Hughes

2014 Educational Symposium Price : $150

2014 Educational Symposium

O-Ring Seal Design Basics
Nathan Sowder, Parker Hannifin, O-Ring Division

Urethanes in Oil and Gas Applications
Tim Rushton, SKF

Designing Seals for Large Extrusion Gaps 
Stephen Smith, CDI Energy Products
O-Ring: The Magic 8-Ball of Seals 
Buc Slay, Weatherford 
Metal Replacement with Plastics
Aliene Elkins, SABIC Innovative Plastics
Understanding Engineering/High Performance Thermoplastics - Selecting Materials and Processes for Oil and Gas Components
Mike Oliveto, Drake Plastics Ltd.
Designing with Thermoplastics for Demanding Oilfield Applications
Rick Thoman and Benjamin Lewis, Greene, Tweed & Co.
Designing with Hytrel
Kimberley Richmann, DuPont Performance Polymers
Everything You Need to Know About TPEs 
Brandon Bubak, RTP Company

Material, Process and Part Design for Moldable Phenolic Composites 
Lee Wells and Kevin Emmett, Molding Compound Division, SBHPP

Designing with Composites
Thomas Walsh, PhD, PE, Universal Pegasus Int.

2014 Spring Technical Meeting Price : $75

2014 Spring Technical Meeting

  • No Post-Cure Fluoroelatomer?
    Gary D’Abate, Pinnacle Elastomeric Technology
  • AcceleratedTesting of Nonmetallic Materials: Challenge with Life Prediction
    Rick Thoman, Greene Tweed

  • DuPont’s Base-Resistant Elastomers
    Theresa Dobel, DuPont

  • Designand Processing of PEEK for New Applications
    Shari Axelrad, Solvay

  •  ERG Outreach Activities
     Edmee Files

2014 Winter Technical Meeting Price : $75

2014 Winter Technical Meeting

  • Development and Evaluation of HNBR Compound for High Temperature and High Pressure Sealing Applications
    Robert Ou, NOV
  • HP/HT Hot-Wet Resistant Composites and HP/HT In-Situ Thermomechanical Testing Methods for Extreme Downhole Applications
    Yusheng Yuan, Baker Hughes
  • Measuring and Modeling the Fatigue Performance of Elastomers for Applications with Complex Loading Requirements
    William Mars, Endurica
  • Water-Dissolvable Polymers for Use in Manufacturing Frac Balls, Seats and Plugs
    C. Andrew Rosenholm,, Rockwell Oil & Gas Tool Sales
  • Non Destructive Positive Material Identification of Elastomeric Seals Using a Hand-Held Spectrometer
    Frederic Prulliere, Agilent Technologies
  • Norsok and Beyond: A Look at PEEK in Extreme Down Hole Environments
    Richard Leibfried, Victrex
  • Fortimix, The Multifunctional Additive
    Bill Black, The SEFA Group

2013 Fall Technical Meeting Price : $75

2013 Fall Technical Meeting

  • Arlon®3000 XT: A New, High-Temperature Material for Oil & Gas Applications
    Kerry Drake, PhD and Burak Bekisli, PhD, Greene Tweed & Co.

  • Nitrile Rubber Variations in an Oil Packer Compound - Laboratory Testing Relationship to Oil-Field Performance and Failure Analysis
    Nicki Hershberger, Akron Rubber Development Lab
  • Advances in Rubber Mixing Technology
    Richard Jorkasky, Kobelco Stewart Bolling
  • Reklaim – The Company & Product
    Steven J Renegar, Reklaim

  • Norsk 710, API-16c Testing
    Kevin Sarcon, Valley Processing
  • Industry Standards, A Blessing or a Curse?
    Alexandra Torgersen, Alexandra Torgersen Engineering 
  • Design Freedom with Custom Compounding Engineering Polymers, a Discussion On the Relationship of Composition and Physical Properties
    Dr. Cliff Watkins, Techmer Engineered Solutions

2013 Educational Symposium Price : $150

2013 Educational Symposium

  • Drilling, Surface Equipment
    Nicolas Arteaga, Cameron

  • Drilling, Downhole Equipment
    Ron Sartain, Weatherford

  • Inflatables / Swellables
    Ray Frisby, TAM International

  • Completion Packers
    Chris Palmer, Weatherford

  • Wireline
    Gerry Patterson, Weatherford

  • Fluids in the Oilfield
    Matt Offenbacher, M-I SWACO, A Schlumberger Company

  • Artificial Lift
    Rajan Choksi, Weatherford

  • Intelligent Completions
    Martin Staelens, Halliburton

  • Fracking
    George King, Apache

  • ISO/API Qualification Testing - Completions
    Doug Lehr, Baker Hughes

  • ISO/API Qualification Testing - Drilling Equipment
    Ray Zonoz, Cameron

2013 Spring Technical Meeting Price : $75

2013 Spring Technical Meeting

  • Zeoforte: Zeon Super Composite (ZSC) - Reinforced HNBR for use in Oilfield Applications 
    Paul Ruscoe, Zeon Chemicals
  • Commercializing Nanotechnology in Elastomers
    Carl McAfee, McAfee Consulting LLC
  • Customizing PEEK Compounds…Tailored for Demanding Designs and Applications 
    Dr. Cliff Watkins, TP Composites 
  • The First 20,000 psi, 470 degree F Permanent Production Packer for As-Rolled Casing
    Guijun Deng, Baker Hughes 
  • Development of Downhole Packer Devices for Use in HPHT Environments – Present and Future
    Douglas Lehr, Baker Hughes 
  • High Performance Ester Plasticizers for NBR and HNBR  
    Steve O’Rourke, Hallstar
  • A Study on Viscoelasticity and the Mullins Effect of Elastomers
    Goang-Ding Shyu, Baker Hughes

2013 Winter Technical Meeting Price : $75

2013 Winter Technical Meeting

A New Class of Perfluoroplastics: High-Temperature Epitaxial Co-Crystalline (ECC) Perfluoropolymer Resins
Jacob Lahijani & Maria Petrucci-Samija, DuPont Fluoroproducts

Near-Net Shape Injection Molding of Frac Balls
C. Andrew Rosenholm, Bruce Diamond Corp.

The Competitive Environment for High Performance Thermoplastics: Is Your Material Better or Just Different? 
Tim Bremner, Hoerbiger

Composites In Oilfield Elastomeric Applications 
Rob Langone, Automated Dynamics 

The Influence of Crystallinity on Perfomance of Polyaryletherketones in HPHT Conditions
Patrick Clemensen, Victrex Americas 

Requirements for Nonmetallic Materials in HPHT Environments
Doug Lehr & Senior SPE Members

2012 Fall Technical Meeting Price : $75

2012 Fall Technical Meeting

  • Perfluorinated Elastomers – A Primer
    Ed Cole, 3M
  • Back to the Future with Compressive Stress Reliability Testing
    Wayne Furlan, Baker Hughes
  • The Good, Bad, and The Not So Ugly:Challenges and Opportunities
    Edmee Files, BasinTek
  • Plastics Tensile Workgroup Survey
    Buc Slay, Weatherford
  • High Performance PEAK Seals for HTP Conditions & the Importance of Crystallinity
    Rich Leibfried, Victrex

2012 Educational Symposium Price : $150

2012 Educational Symposium

  • Oil & Gas Industry, Present & Future
    Jim Goodson, Baker Hughes
  • Rubber Compounding Design Overview
    Bill Toth, Hexpol
  • Curatives, Accelerators, Retarders & Coagents
    Steve Harsch, Hexpol
  • Carbon Black 101
    Johnathan Posey, Preferred Compounding
  • Non-Black Fillers
    Jim Korte, Baker Hughes
  • Process Additives & Aids
    Gregory Blackmon, Akrochem
  • Physical Testing of Rubber
    John Dick, Dynisco
  • Oil Field Sealing Environments
    Steve Jagels, Precision Polymer Engineering – IDEX Corp.
  • NBR & HNBR Overview
    Victor Nasreddine, Lanxess
  • Fluoroelastomers: An Independent Overview
    Gary D’Abate, Pinnacle Elastomeric Technology

2012 Spring Technical Meeting Price : $75

2012 Spring Technical Meeting

  • Tangential and Intermeshing Mixing Technologies
    Bob McNabb, HF Mixing Group
  • Nanoscale IR Spectroscopy and Thermomechanical Analysis for Polymer Characterization
    Kevin Kjoller, Anasys Instruments
  • Low Temperature FFKM with TR10 of -30ƒC
    Philip Schild, Solvay Solexis, Inc.
  • Free Volume Model of the Nonlinear Behavior of a Polyurea Elastomer
    Prof. Ken Liechti, University of Texas, Austin
  • Elastomer Testing: Material Response Considerations
    Paul Tuckner, Grace Technology and Development
  • Perlast ICE, Low Temperature Perfluoroelastomers
    John Kerwin, Precision Polymer Engineering
  • This Ain’t My First Rodeo: What Experience Has Taught Us About the Value of Management Systems Certification
    Gretchen Merriman, Smithers

2012 Winter Technical Meeting Price : $75

2012 Winter Technical Meeting

  • Elastomers and the Energy Sector: Opportunities for Innovation
    Rustom Mody, VP Technology, Baker Hughes
  • Can Nanotechnology Provide Innovative, Affordable Elastomer Solutions to Oil and Gas Service Industry Problems?
    Debbie Banta, Weatherford
  • More Efficient Fracking With 1.5-Nanometer Titanates and Zirconates
    Salvatore J. Monte, Kenrich Petrochemicals
  • Smart Nanostructured Composites Enhance Well Production
    Zach Xu, Baker Hughes
  • Tensile Testing of Plastic Tubes – A Service Company Perspective
    Buc Slay, Halliburton
  • Fiber Reinforced Silicone Elastomers for the Oil & Gas Industry
    Todd Johnson, Finite Fiber; Carl McAfee, McAfee Consulting & Mike Dulisse, Jamak Fabrication
  • Large Deformation Rubber Modeling Based on Time-Temperature Superposition Concepts
    Alex Arzoumandis, Psylotech
  • Rocks to Rubber–Origin of the Fluoroelastomer Species
    Ed Cole, 3M

2011 Fall Technical Meeting Price : $75

2011 Fall Technical Meeting

  • Current Events in Texas Energy
    Greg Parker, Commissioner, Comal County, Texas
  • Reformulating Rubber
    Bruce Lambillotte , Smithers RAPRA
  • Polymers/Organic Materials Aging Overview
    Bob Bernstein, PhD, Sandia National Labs
  • Top Ten Reasons Why You Don’t Conduct Experimental Designs!
    Wayne Furlan, Baker Hughes
  • Functional Mineral Fillers in Rubber Compounds
    Don Askea, Polymer Valley Chemicals
  • Soft Seals in Subsea Applications: Technology Qualification Approach
    Alexandra Torgersen, PhD, DNV Materials Laboratory
  • A Novel Viscoelastic Test Procedure Enabling Finite Element Analysis with Elastomers
    Alex Arzoumandis, Psylotech
  • H2S and ED Resistance of THERBAN / HNBR
    Victor Nasreddine, PhD, LANXESS

2011 Spring Technical Meeting Price : $75

2011 Spring Technical Meeting

  • HNBR Versus Polypack in Extrusion Resistance – Effects of Temperature and Extrusion Gaps
    Robert Ou, Ph.D., (Jake Andrus, co-author) NOV
  • Independent Testing of Elastomeric Materials in Oil & Gas Applications
    Sean Djuricic, Akron Rubber Development Laboratory, Inc.
  • 3M™ Dynamar™ RA5300 Rubber Processing Additive for FKM Compound
    Jim Denham, 3M
  • What Sustainability Means to the Supply Chain
    David Brinkman, Smithers
  • Peroxide-Cured Elastomer Compositions that Provide Enhanced Mold-Filling and Flow with Improved Cure Performance
    Len Palys, Arkema
  • Studying the Effect of Chemical Aging on the Properties of a Shape Memory Material
    iaxiang (Jason) Ren, Ph.D., Co-Authors: Jim Goodson and David Gerrard, Baker Hughes
  • Urethane Basics for Oil and Gas Applications
    Tim Rushton, SKF Polyseal
  • Compounding Materials, Testing and Design from the New 14th Edition of the Vanderbilt Rubber Handbook
    Jennifer Forgue, R.T. Vanderbilt Company

2011 Winter Technical Meeting Price : $75

2011 Winter Technical Meeting

  • High Temperature Polyketones for Use in the Oil Industry
    Dr. Tim Hsu, Polymics
  • The Economic Outlook for the Energy Industry
    Dr. William Chittenden, Ph.D., C.T.P., Texas State University
  • The Use of Nanotubes to Improve Elastomeric Compounds
    Kurt Swogger, Designed Nanotubes
  • The Impact of Recent EPA Air Regulatory Changes to the Oil and Gas and Rubber Industries
    Leonard Nelms, Ph.D., Tetra Tech, Inc.
  • Increased Thermal Stability of Machine Gun Barrels by Replacing the Interior Chrome Liner with a Ceramic, Part II
    Dr. Clois (Bert) Powell, Texas State University
  • Cure Time Reduction by Understanding Rubber Flow
    Tim Graham, REP Industries
  • Rheology By The Numbers
    Andy Anderson, Zeon Chemicals
  • Evaluation of High Temperature PAEK Materials in Sealing Systems for the Energy Sector
    Dr. Tim Bremner, Hoerbiger Corp. of America
  • What Do End Users Really Want? – Then and Now
    Dr. Philip I. Abrams, Consultant to ExxonMobil Development

2010 Fall Technical Meeting Price : $75

2010 Fall Technical Meeting

  • Techniques for Developing High Modulus Fluoroelastomer Compounds
    Jose Briones, Ph.D., CSI Incorporated
  • Probabilistic Decision Analysis on Elastomeric Components
    Marsha Koshevnik, Halliburton Technology
  • Elastomeric Compatability in Oil and Gas Applications From a Laboratory Viewpoint
    Adeyinka Adeleke, Honeywell Corrosion Solutions
  • SIDISTAR®, Inorganic Viscosity Modifier, Decreasing Viscosity with Silica!
    Richard van Sprang, Elkem Silicon Materials
  • Increased Thermal Stability of Machine Gun Barrels by Replacing the Interior Chrome Liner with a Ceramic Liner
    Dr. Clois (Bert) Powell, Ph.D., Center for Nanophase Research Institute for Environmental & Industrial Sciences
  • FEPM: Compatibility within the Evolving Energy Industry
    Dennis Murphy, AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc.
  • Fundamentals of Curing Elastomers with Peroxides and Coagents III
    William Boye, Cray Valley, LLC

2010 Spring Technical Meeting Price : $75

2010 Spring Technical Meeting

  • New Perfluoroelastomer Parts for Demanding Oil & Gas Applications
    Paul Trillizio Jr., DuPont
  • Zetpol Developments: Better Processing for Better Parts
    Andy Anderson, Zeon Chemicals
  • Reground Rubber for Aggressive Environments: Fact or Fantasy
    Carl McAffee, Ph.D., McAfee Consulting
  • Review of Substrate Preparation, Chemlock, Adhesives and Applications – Parts 1 & 2
    Jeff Means & Jennifer McKinsey, LORD Corporation
  • Technical Challenges at Oil States Industries
    Mike Hogan, Oil States Industries
  • Compatibilizing Composite Materials for Extreme Environments
    Chris Pavlos, Ph.D., AeonClad Coatings
  • Preparing for an Improved, International Qualification Standard for Elastomers in Contact with Oilfield Fluids
    Rod Martin, Ph.D., MERL Ltd, Hitchin, UK

2010 Winter Technical Meeting Price : $75

2010 Winter Technical Meeting

  • Advanced Materials Nanophase Research and Development
    Michael Groves, Longwood Industries
  • Smarter Rubber Testing Contributes to Rubber Industry Productivity Gains
    John Dick, Alpha Technologies
  • Development of Explosive Decompression Resistant Perfluoroelastomer
    Steve Jagels, Precision Polymer Engineering, Ltd
  • High Temperature Elastomer Seals Material Testing & Selection for Downhole Environments
    Lillian Guo, Baker Hughes, Inc.
  • Single Trip Multistage Completion Systems for Unconventional Gas Formations
    Travis Harris, Baker Hughes, Inc.
  • Expanded Graphite – Applications in Elastomers
    Roger Faulkner, ReThink Technologies, Inc.

2009 Spring Technical Meeting Price : $75

2009 Spring Technical Meeting

  • A New Polyaryletherketone (PAEK) Polymer for Oil & Gas Applications
    Melanie Gast, Victrex Polymer Solutions
  • Fundamentals of Performance Elastomer Recycling
    James A. Shell, FRS Division of Pinnacle Elastomeric Technologies
  • Solutions for Oil And Gas Applications
    Jim Denham, Dyneon, a 3M Company
  • Rubber Testing for the Oilfield
    Kelly Kirsch & David Lue, LGT Materials Technology, LLC
  • Filling Gaps in Our Engineering Polymers Portfolio for HPHT Environments
    Dr. Tim Bremner, Hoerbiger Corporation of America
  • Polymers Identification and Selective Thermal Analysis Tutorial
    Gina Butuc, Advanced Polymer Technologies
  • VTA - Variable Temperature Analysis of BOP Parts and Other Thick Articles
    John Dick, Alpha Technologies

2009 Fall Technical Meeting Price : $75

2009 Fall Technical Meeting

  • Advanced Materials Nanophase R&D
    Bert Powell, PhD, Texas State University
  • Fundamentals of Performance Elastomer Recycling
    Ken Mumby, Hyperion Catalysis
  • Advances In Fluoroelastomers
    Dave Bernardi, Solvay
  • New Rotor Technology and Advancements in Rubber Mixing Equipment
    Rich Jorkasky, Kobelco Stewart Bolling Inc.
  • Low Viscosity Zetpol Properties & Performance
    Andy Anderson, Zeon Chemicals, LP
  • PNF for Oilfield Applications
    Dr. Steve Kyker, Materials Technologies, Inc

2009 Winter Technical Meeting Price : $75

2009 Winter Technical Meeting

  • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Challenges Down Under
    Edmee Files, Dyna-Drill
  • Synergistic Coatings and Capabilities
    Desmond Vincent & Darin Chase, General Magnaplate
  • Recent Developments in THERBAN / HNBR Technology
    Victor Nasreddine, Lanxess Corporation
  • New Technology for Bonding HNBR: Silane Based Bonding System
    Jim Weir, Rohm & Haas
  • Advanced Materials and Alternate Energy, The Solar Impulse Project
    Shari Weinberg, Solvay Advanced Polymers
  • High Performance Fluoropolymers
    Maria Dillon, Dyneon, a 3M Company

2008 Fall Technical Meeting Price : $75

2008 Fall Technical Meeting

  • Materials for Mechanical Cementing Plug Applications
    Jonathan Graeber, Weatherford
  • New Fluoroelastomers for High Temperature Applications
    Steve Mariconti, Daikin America
  • Phenolics in the Oilfield Industry
    Casey Herbst & George Plackmann, Resinoid Engineering
  • Rubber Testing for the Oilfield
    Gary D'Abate, Pinnacle Elastomeric Technology
  • Techniques for Improving Elastomer Processing and Crosslinking Performance
    Leonard Palys, Arkema Inc.
  • The Utility of Coagents in the Radical Cure of Elastomers
    William Boye, Sartomer

2008 Spring Technical Meeting Price : $75

2008 Spring Technical Meeting

  • High Pressure Low Temperature (HPLT) Performance of O-Ring Seal Systems
    Buc Slay, Halliburton
  • New Carbon Black Development
    Leszek Nikiel, Sid Richardson Carbon Black
  • pDPCD In Oil and Gas Applications
    Brian Edgecombe, Materia Inc.
  • Recovered Phoenix Black® Application Review
    William Cole, Delta Energy LLC
  • Review of the Application of FEA to the Development of WL and Premier Packers
    Goang-Ding Shyu, Baker Oil Tools
  • World Economic Outlook 2008 - 2009
    John McDevitt, Dyneon 3M
  • Zinc Oxide Review and United States Market Characteristics
    Carl Caputo, American Chemet Corp.

2008 Winter Technical Meeting Price : $75

2008 Winter Technical Meeting

  • Bose Electro Force Test Advantages
    Dan Melink, Bose ESG
  • Examples of Designed Experiment Use in Fluoroelastomer Compounding
    Gary D'Abate, Pinnacle Elastomer Technology
  • Explosive Decompression Testing of Fluoroelastomer Compounds
    Bill Stahl, DuPont Performance Elastomers
  • Introduction to Fluorinated Melt Processable Polymers
    Hank Malasky, Solvay Solexis
  • New Method for Measuring the Effects of Post-Cure or Aerobic Heat on Dynamic Compound Properties
    John Dick, Alpha Technologies
  • Reactive Ester Plasticizer for Elastomers
    Stephen O'Rourke, HallStar
  • Studies of Water Swellable NBR for Downhole Sealing
    Paul McElfresh, Baker Oil Tools
  • Tyrin CPE for Heat and Oil Resistant Applications
    Rajan Vara, DOW Chemical

2009 Educational Symposium Price : $150

2009 Educational Symposium

  • NBRs - Compounding for the Oil and Gas Industry
    Author: Paul Rau, Zeon Chemicals
  • Carbon Blacks - General Overview
    Author: Dave Novakosk, Cabot Corporation
  • Basic Fluoroelastomer Technology
    Author: Jim Denham, Dyneon LLC, A 3M Company
  • FEPM Polymers
    Author: Daniel L. Hertz, III, Seals Eastern Inc.
  • TFE/P - Basic Compounding in Oil and Gas Industry
    Author: Gary D'Abate, Pinnacle Elastomer Technology
  • HNBR's - Compounding for the Oil and Gas Industry
    Author: Andy Anderson, Zeon Chemicals, L.P.
  • Fundamentals of Curing Elastomers with Peroxides and Coagents II: Understanding the Relationship Between Coagent and Elastomer
    Author: William Boye, Sartomer Co.
  • Use of Adhesives - Bonding of Elastomers for Use in Oil and Gas
    Author: Brian Stull, Lord Corporation
  • Specifying, Compounding and Testing Elastomers - A Mixer Approach
    Author: Gary D'Abate, Pinnacle Elastomer Technology
  • Selecting Seal Materials for Deepwater Completions
    Author: Jim Goodson, Baker Hughes
  • Current Thermal Analysis Techniques for Rubber and Polymer Formulation, Processing and End-Use Applications
    Author: Sean Kohl, TA Instruments
  • Sealing Systems for Land-Based Surface Wellhead Equipment
    Author: Don Petrash, GE Oil and Gas

2008 Educational Symposium Price : $150

2008 Educational Symposium

  • Design Method Enhancements for Laminated Bearings
    Author: Todd Pottorff and Danton Gutierrez-Lemini, Oil States Ind.
  • Elastomers in Oilfield Blowout Preventor Equipment
    Author: John Corkhill and Michael Colmenero, Cameron
  • HTHP Performance with Fluoroelastomers
    Author: Michael Whelihan, Cri-Tech
  • Non-Metallic Seals in Subsea Production Systems
    Author: Warren Jones, FMC
  • Oilfield Polymers
    Author: Edmee Files, Dyna-Drill
  • Rheology
    Author: Andy Anderson, Zeon
  • Rubber Lab Test Methods
    Author: Gary D'Abate, Pinnacle Elastomers
  • Rubber Chemicals
    Author: Chris M. Nola, RT Vanderbilt
  • Selection and Qualification of Seals for Oil and Gas Production
    Author: Tom Ray, Halliburton
  • Selection of Non-Metallic Seal Materials for Surface Wellhead Equipment
    Author: Don Petrash, VETCO Gray

2010 Educational Symposium Price : $150

2010 Educational Symposium

  • The 'End User' Perspective of Polymer Applications in Oil Drilling and Production Operations
    Author: Perry Marteny – ConocoPhillips
  • Fundamentals of Elastomers in the Oilfield
    Author: Daniel L Hertz III - Seals Eastern, Inc.
  • Plastics for Extreme Environments
    Author: Greg Pfister - ERIKS
  • Issues for Metallurgy Downhole
    Author: Stan Jones and Willie Howie - Weatherford
  • NBRs and HNBRs Compounding for Applications and Environments Encountered Downhole
    Author: Victor Nasreddine - Lanxess
  • Correlating FEA, as a Performance Prediction Model, with the Application of Sealing Systems to Aggressive HP/HT Service Environments
    Author: Rick Thoman - Greene Tweed
  • FKM Fundamentals
    Author: Mike Whelihan – Critech
  • Failure Analysis: Where To Begin
    Author: Edmee Files – Consultant
  • Manufacturing Elastomers for Downhole Applications
    Author: Cameron Field-Eaton - Parco
  • Designing Elastomeric Materials for High Temperature and High Pressure Environments
    Author: Scott Meng, PhD - Excel-Polymers LLC
  • Analytical Systems and Techniques to Characterize Material Degradation from Aggressive Downhole Environments
    Author: Sean Kohl - TA Instruments
  • Oilfield Polymer Performance Derived from Laboratory Fluid Exposure Tests; What's Going On?
    Author: Barry Thompson - MERL

2011 Educational Symposium Price : $150

2011 Educational Symposium

  • The History of Oilfield Seals and Future Challenges
    Author: Ronald R. Campbell, PhD, Greene, Tweed & Co.
  • Successful Use of Conventional Elastomers in Packer Elements for Short Term, High Pressure, High Temperature Applications
    Author: Steve Streich, Halliburton
  • Nitrile & HNBR Elastomers
    Author: Andy Anderson, Zeon Chemicals
  • Fluoroelastomers, Optimizing Performance & Improving Productivity
    Author: Jim Denham, 3M
  • Compounding Materials – One Engineer's Perspective
    Author: Gary D'Abate, Pinnacle Elastomeric Technology
  • Correlating Compounding & Mixing
    Author: Rich Jorkasky, Kobelco Stewart Bolling
  • High Performance EngineerinG Plastics for the Oil and Gas Industry
    Author: Ed Alvarez, RTP & Larry DiSano, Ensinger
  • Sneak Peek into a Large Subsea Seal Qualification Programme
    Author: Scott Meng, PhD, Excel-Polymers LLC
  • Analytical Systems and Techniques to Characterize Material Degradation from Aggressive Downhole Environments
    Author: Pål Ring & Alexandra Torgersen, Det Norske Veritas (DNV)
  • ISO Systems for Rubber Compounders and Molders
    Author: Gretchen Merriman, Smithers Quality Assessments