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After nine months of development, Maverix Solutions, Inc. recently released Mavcoat MD-W6, a mold release system that works for all elastomers. Maverix was featured in Rubber and Plastics News detailing the development and applications of Mavcoat MD-W6. For more info please visit

TA Instruments introduced the new Rheo-Raman Accessory for their Discovery Hybrid Rheometer (DHR) product line. This accessory combines a Raman spectrometer with the DHR to enable simultaneous collection of rheology and Raman spectroscopy data. This combination allows for direct correlation between flow characteristics and the unique spectroscopic fingerprints of each material including information about its chemical and morphological structure. For more info:

Argen Labs will be hosting Endurica’s  “Compounding for Durability” course on February 6th in Cypress, TX. The one day course will focus on material selection pertaining to rubber fatigue and failure characteristics; compounding strategies to improve strength and fatigue lifetime; and testing methods to characterize rubber durability. The $860 fee includes lunch, lab tour with demonstrations, and 250+ pages of course notes. For more info please contact:

ACE Products and Consulting’s iLearn Innovation Institute announced its new class schedule beginning February 12 with “Recession – What You Need to Know!” followed by “Rubber for Dummies” February 19 and “Business Law – Lunch & Learn” February 20. Classes utilize Smart Room Technology: digital whiteboard, cameras, and projectors. Register at

On May 31, 2018 Michelin announced its acquisition of Fenner PLC and that Fenner and all of its business units, including CDI Energy Products and EGC Critical Components, are now part of the Michelin group of companies. Michelin is headquartered in Clermont-Ferrand, France and is present in 170 countries. Michelin has more than 114,000 employees and operates 70 production facilities in 17 countries, which together produced 190 million tires in 2017.

Peach Specialty Products has hired Paul Lawson as QC manager and Head of Product Development. Paul comes from an esteemed background in the automotive industry where he was instrumental in getting his previous company ISO certified. The Peach Specialty Products’ team welcomes Paul and his wealth of knowledge and experience.

CSI Calendering, Inc., North America’s leading provider of custom calendering and supply chain solutions is expanding its footprint with the purchase of an 8,000 square foot property neighboring its west side. In 2019, CSI has plans to add an additional 12,000 square feet of space to the existing building in order to grow capabilities, boost capacity, and supplement warehousing.

MFP Seals Engineering Guide Vol. 4 is under construction with the addition of new products, compounds and size information. MFP is also near completion of their Seals’ Product Portfolio booklet, a quick-reference publication, listing their complete line of currently available products and services. For more info, please visit their website at www.

In August 2018, Material & Design Solutions expanded its office area and added manufacturing space to accommodate recent and future growth. In September the company proudly added Mike Brewer to the MDS team. Mike was previously with Greene, Tweed for the past 25 years, most recently as VP of Business Development. Mike will be active for MDS across the globe.

Rogers Corporation introduces DeWAL® DW402UV and DW 405BNCUV, UHMWPE materials with a modified formula that aids in withstanding direct sunlight and other forms of UV light. Chris Brooks, Senior Product Line Manager states, “We can now provide customers with a solution that can withstand the rigors of direct sunlight.” For more info please contact: chris.brooks@

Longwood Elastomers’ manufacturing facility in Brenham, TX recently upgraded to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. This move confirms Longwood’s commitment to continuous improvement, emphasizes quality, and better aligns the company to the ever-evolving needs of modern day customers. Longwood Elastomers is a subsidiary of Wabtec Corporation [NYSE: WAB].

Pinnacle Elastomeric Technology added 3100 square feet to their facility in Lula, Georgia. Packaging and finished goods were moved out of the main plant to allow additional space for the company’s growing production. Pinnacle is also celebrating their 20th year in business, mixing high performance compounds for demanding applications.

Abaco Drilling Technologies (formerly Basintek) is a leading technology-driven manufacturer of power sections for Oil & Gas drilling and thru-tubing operations. The company’s precision manufacturing, quality control, R&D, and engineering proficiency deliver ideal elastomer and power section solutions that increase efficiency, improve safety and maximize downhole performance.

In September 2018, Elite Elastomers Inc. acquired custom mixer Wayne County Rubber Inc. in a deal that gives Elite the capability to serve larger volume customers and better service the Midwest. Over the years, Elite Elastomers has carved its presence in the higher-end, niche type materials. Elite is an industry leader in the design and development of new or improved elastomeric materials for use in oil and gas applications. For more info:

LORD Corporation is celebrating Chemlok’s 60th anniversary with the launch of several new no lead Chemlok® Adhesives. Chemlok 6224 is a high-performing alternative to its flagship Chemlok 220 product. Chemlok 6150 is a one-coat alternative to Chemlok 250. Chemlok 6271 is for high fatigue applications and Chemlok 6258 addresses customers’ needs for fewer mold cleanings.

Harwick Standard has proudly partnered with Sartomer Americas to offer the Saret® line of coagents. Understanding the relationship between coagent structure and performance allows the compounder to select the optimized coagent for their specific elastomer type and application. For assistance in fine tuning your recipe, please contact Harwick Standard at 800-899-4412 or

AGC Chemicals Americas is pleased to announce the addition of Jason LaBorde as Sales and Marketing Manager Fluoropolymers. Jason’s experience in high performance sealing solutions provides a wealth of application knowledge for the use of AGC’s fluoropolymer portfolio. Jason has been a member of EPG since 2009, and will be focusing on the Industrial and Energy market segments. Contact:

Eagle Elastomer Inc. recently completed a 15,900 square ft. addition to its current facility in Cuyahoga Falls OH. The custom mixing and extrusion company specializes in mixing and processing fluoroelastomers (FKM) and perfluoroelastomers (FFKM). As part of the addition, a 400 square ft. humidity- controlled room was added for storage of hygroscopic raw materials. The balance of the area will be used for light manufacturing and warehousing.

Intertex World Resources is an industry leader in synthetic rubber, carbon black and process oils. The company supplies products all over the world and warehouses various materials. One of its new products is butyl from Nizhnekamsk. Intertex has regularly supplied the BK1675N and has recently started adding CBK139 (Chlorobutyl) and BBK232 (Bromobutyl). Please contact Intertex for sample materials.

Kenrich President Salvatore J. Monte has filed a U.S. Patent for 1.5-nanometer titanate (Ken-React® KCM-3E) surface modification of Portland cement allowing a 31% reduction in the water to cement ratio to equivalent flow and superior wellhead HP/HT cementing performance. Kenrich has also developed a new KPR® mixed-metal catalyst for polymer compatibilization.

To keep pace with increased global demand of LUVOCOM products, LEHVOSS Group has expanded its global production capacity. A new thermoplastic compounding extrusion line went operational in Germany in October 2018, and soon, additional lines will be operational at manufacturing facilities in China and Pawcatuck, Connecticut. For more info please contact: ted.sidoriak@

Greene Tweed’s WR®650 is a PFA composite with superior dry run capability. Its 3D carbon-fiber architecture can sustain 2.5X higher-side load in dry running condition before degradation. It offers excellent wear/chemical resistance and an operating temperature range to 500°F (260°C). WR®650 provides enhanced performance and maximum equipment reliability over leading PFA-based material.

Akrochem is excited to be celebrating its 90th anniversary in 2019. As a closely held family corporation that has been serving the rubber industry since 1929, Akrochem greatly values the relationships it shares with customers and vendors throughout the U.S. and globally.

HEXPOL has acquired Kirkhill Rubber, a well-known U.S. rubber compounder. The recent acquisition of Kirkhill on the west coast will complement HEXPOL Compounding in the U.S. and significantly expand its Organic and Silicone capabilities across North America. In acquiring Kirkhill, HEXPOL improves specialties in perfluoroelastomers (FFKM), geo-thermal compounds, and NORSOK approved compounds.

In the second quarter of 2019, Pyrolyx USA will open the largest “Recovered Carbon Black” or “rCB” facility in the world. The plant is located in Terre, Haute, Indiana with annual capacity of approximately 13,000MT for tire and non-tire sectors. It will be the only plant of its kind capable of supplying the rCB material in rail cars, bulk trailers, and super sacks to its customer base.

Charles Edwards marks the beginning of his fourth year serving his customers as CNE Polymer Consulting. Charles also volunteers as Education Chair for the Energy Polymer Group and recently organized his third, successful Educational Symposium for the organization. For more info, please contact Charles at 281-236 4652 or

In October 2018, Maverix Solutions, Inc. exhibited their products at the ACS Rubber Division’s International Elastomer Conference (IEC) in Louisville, KY. Maverix promoted their new ceramic mold release, Mavcoat® MD-W6. Maverix President Mark Danzo reports that the show was well attended with numerous current and prospective customers. Please visit to learn more about Mavcoat®Mold Releases for Rubber.

ZEON recently introduced Nipol 3640S and Nipol 4040S, two new elastomer grades specifically developed for use in stator pumps. These two new grades provide an excellent balance of processability and performance for customers with stator applications. For more about ZEON’s state-ofthe- art synthetic elastomers, please visit their website at:

Dave Weaver, Technical Sales Representative for RE Carroll Inc. has added the role of Import Products Manager to his position. Dave is responsible for supplier relationships from China, India, and Mexico on behalf of RE Carroll Inc. For more info: phone 609- 439-8849 or

Precision Associates Inc. is pleased to announce that Bridget Hanson has assumed the duties of Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Longtime EPG member Marty Loso, who held the position for many years, will serve as Executive Vice President as he transitions into semi-retirement after 47 years at PAI.

Lowrance Machine is proud to announce the addition of a revolutionary new machine to its company. The integration of machining processes in the IBARMIA MULTIPROCESS minimizes the number of machines required and reduces the machining time. This machine has superior technology with a head tilt range +/-105o and 12000RPM. Please visit the Lowrance website to learn more:

In September 2018, Lianda introduced composite Zinc Oxide to the North American market via a theater presentation at the IEC in Louisville, KY. Composite Zinc Oxide can reduce cost, lessen environmental impact, lower pound volume cost and enhance heat aging and physical properties of sulfur-cured rubber compounds. Lianda is a distributor of high performance elastomers and specialty chemicals, offering Zhanber® line of HNBR polymers and fluoroelastomers.

Alpha Technologies has introduced the new ESR (Encapsulated Sample Rheometer) to the Premier™ instrument line. The ESR has a reduced footprint, an optimized die design, and an improved die cooling capability in comparison to the previous model. The ESR provides composite material measurements for engineering polymers labs that demand high precision and quality testing.

ACE Products and Consulting has expanded its laboratory capabilities to include ICP-MS (Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry) for California Proposition 65 testing, XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) for RoHS compliance testing, TR-10 (Temperature Retraction) for brittleness testing and SEM-MMT X-Factor 150 (Scanning Electron Microscope) for qualitative, quantitative, and thickness analysis of materials.

JRC Technologies announces the September 2018 completion of an asset acquisition with Profile Rubber Corp. of Sharon Center, OH. JRC is excited at the prospects of the acquisition for their companies, customers and vendors. JRC is eager to serve a growing array of customers as they pursue the objective of profitable growth in custom-molded rubber products. For custom rubber questions or needs, please contact Ken Burkins at 330-697-9330 or

Seal Company Enterprises Inc., an AS9100D/ISO 9001:2015 certified company with locations in Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Houston, is expanding its 40,000 sq. ft. Tulsa manufacturing capabilities with an AMADA high speed laser. This advanced motion and innovative beam delivery system is engineered to raise productivity and increase cut quality while offering high speed cutting of thin and thick materials. The Tulsa facility will house the company’s expanded production, quality and inventory offerings.

In order to grow its injection molding and plastic machining divisions, CTG recently expanded its Houston facility from 36,000 square feet to 60,000 square feet. This expansion is the result of steady growth in each of CTG’s production lines. The company’s Injection Molding Division now is capable of up to 400 tons with 40 oz shot size. For more info, contact Cory Jackson at 713 856 8667 or

In a continuing effort to develop new business, Gummiwerk KRAIBURG has developed KRAIBON®, a material of the future that is an ideal supplement for fiber-reinforced plastics. KRAIBON® is a thin film made of non-crosslinked rubber that hardens within the component laminate in the same production process. A hybrid material occurs that combines the best of both worlds – fiber composite compounds and elastomer compounds. For more info contact:

Intertex World Resources is an industry leader in synthetic rubber, carbon black and process oils. The company supplies products worldwide and warehouses various materials. One of Intertex's new products is butyl from Nizhnekamsk. Intertex has always supplied BK1675N and recently started bringing in CBK139 (Chlorobutyl) and BBK232 (Bromobutyl). Intertex has a variety of materials available for sample. For more info please visit:

RTP Company is proud to announce a recent expansion into Poland. The new 86,000 square foot facility, located at Prologis Park V in Wroclaw, will accommodate six production lines, office space and laboratory with controlled temperature and humidity. In addition to its excellent location, the park provides room to expand operations in the future. The plant will open in the fall of 2018, and will employ 25 people who will provide additional support to RTP's customer base in Europe. 

REP Corporation recently announced that Tim Graham, the company’s president since 2005 and a REP employee since 1979, will assume a new role, effective January 1st 2019. Graham will become the Director of Special Projects and current After Sales Director for North America. Jim Wirtz, a longtime industry veteran, will assume the role of president.  Graham intends to remain with the company for the near term, before taking retirement in 2019. For further details, please contact: Attention: Tim Graham or Jim Wirtz